Highlights February 2023

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Private jet activity normalizing and still well up on 2019

Private jet traffic in February showed signs of normalization while we continue seeing comfortable gains compared to 2019.

The US and Middle East markets standout. In Europe, the growth increased somewhat more moderately.

North America

During the last month, US private jet traffic was 17% ahead of pre-pandemic 2019 and 4% above, on average, compared to 2022.

All top bizjet hotspots have seen an increase in activity compared to previous years, Teterboro seeing activity well aheadof 2019.

Florida was the busiest state in February with both hours and activityup 11% compared to last year. California,
the second busiest state showed an increase of 13%.

Chart 1: United States top private jet airports, February 1st – 27th 2023, compared to previous years.


In Europe, February showed an increase of traffic and DeluxePad activations of 12% compared to the same month in 2022

and still 6% ahead of 2019.

Indicatively, traffic and activations from Russia  (Year to date private jet departures from Russia are down 62% below comparable 2019 ,

but the busiest international connection from Russia in February was with the United Arab Emirates, 53% above 2019.

Also, the immediate response to the Turkey – Syria earthquakes contriuted to increases of 71% ahead of last year, 116% ahead of 2019.

Chart 2: European business jet markets 1st January 2023, February 27th 2023, compared to previous years

Event boost

The 2023 Munich Security Conference held on 17th – 19th of February had a positive influence on traffic to EDDM (Munich airport).

On the day before the event, February 16th, traffic and DeluxePad activations were 285% more than the average daily arrivals for the month of February.


In February through showed increases in activities of 31% across Asia (examples:

Tokyo up by 25%, Singapore up by 22%) compared to 2022.Activity in China during the month are 12% above last year, 25% compared to 2019.

On average, the Middle East was up by 20%, with Al Maktoum up by 19% vs 2022, Abu Dhabi up 12% and 21% for both Bahrain and Qatar.

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